Humber Valley Heritage Trail Association - Bolton Chapter         

The Hiking Trail

How can you have healthy exercise, experience the beauty of nature, enjoy the company of your friends and family and indulge in your own solitary reflections ALL at the same time? By taking a hike on the “World Famous Humber Valley Heritage Trail” as Hiker Mike Kirby calls this amazing walking and hiking facility right at our back door. Since 1996 the HVHTA has built 25 km of main hiking trail and several km of side trails by its own fund–raising abilities without drawing on Caledon tax dollars. It was awarded the Caledon Environmentalist of the Year prize for providing this hiking facility free to the public and enabling outdoor education with an interpretive guide. Hiker Mike, the top authority on hiking facilities in the Greater Toronto Area gave his “Golden Boot” award to HVHTA in 1999 for being the best built and maintained trail in the Greater Toronto Area. Hiker Mike has published two books of Southern Ontario hiking opportunities both featuring the HVH Trail. The HVH Trail has become a destination of choice of high schools wishing to provide bus loads of their students with both a nature interpretation experience as well as healthy exercise.

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